School Advisory Commission

The School Advisory Commission (SAC) exists as a permanent commission of the Pastoral Council.  The purpose of the SAC is to assist leadership in ensuring the school will thrive and remain viable for the future, and to assist leadership in ensuring excellence in Catholic Culture, Academics, Whole Child Education and Stewardship of Resources.  The SAC also supports the school in its efforts to collaborate with the parish.

The following are responsibilities of all School Advisory Commission members:

  •     Recruit/Vet potential new SAC members
  •     Assist with onboarding new SAC members
  •     Ensure adequate resources are available to principal to implement programming
  •     Continuous work on institutional advancement:  develop third source funding, marketing/PR initiatives, enrollment management, and help to evaluate programming
  •     Be informed on current year school budget, and partner with principal to propose school budget

The commission is meant to have a long-term view and focus the majority of its efforts on long-range and strategic planning.   The SAC focus should be on programming, budgeting, and planning on a 1, 3, and 5 year+ scale.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Parish and School Policy Manual establishes the essential policies and directives for schools.  The SAC, in collaboration with the school principal, may propose local policy that is more prescriptive, but any proposed policy may not in any way conflict with or supersede archdiocesan policy.  Proposed policies require the approval of the pastor.

Areas where the SAC is NOT involved:

  •     Day-to-day operations of the school
  •     Student discipline
  •     Parent complaints
  •     Teacher complaints (the collective voice of teachers and staff can be heard through their SAC representative member, if such a position exists on the SAC)
  •     Issues related to employment or evaluation of school/parish personnel
  •     Evaluation of the principal (note: the supervision / evaluation of the principal is the sole responsibility of the pastor.  The pastor may seek input from the SAC regarding the principal’s working relationship with it.)

For more information and to familiarize yourself with the School Advisory Commission's roles & responsibilities, please see the School Advisory Commission Operational Norms below. 

SAC Sub-Committees

The following are sub-committees of the School Advisory Commission, though they may operate independently:



Home & School



Arts & Extracurriculars

Contact Us!

Please contact the School Advisory Commission with questions or to join us as a member. 

2023 - 2024 SAC Members

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members:
Interim Principal:  Taimi Parey
Pastor:  Father Kevin McManaman
Faculty: Amy Schermetzler
Faculty:  A Rotating Member of the School Teaching Staff
Pastoral Council Liaison:  Christine Blackwood

Dawn Eisold, Chair
Ellen Stieber, Vice Chair
Alan Williams, Secretary
Peter Klimczak
Noelle Brigham
Olivia Hartley
Carrie Jurgens
Kristina Warrichaiet
Alex George